Our vision is a world in which no dog, cat or horse suffers from disease or injury.

We will achieve this by developing new knowledge and techniques for the better diagnosis, prevention and cure of disease and injury through research.

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What we stand for

The Animal Health Trust is the leading veterinary and scientific research charity dedicated to the health and welfare of your animal.

Our dedicated vets, nurses, scientists and support staff are committed to one goal – excellent health for your animal.

Our veterinary service provides excellent care for very sick and injured dogs, cats and horses.

Our scientific research discovers cures and treatments that are effective, what we learn we put into practice globally – from lab to clinic.

Our expertise in preventing disease, from providing specialist advice to developing new vaccines, ensures we are leading the way in stopping diseases and conditions from occurring in the first place.

Through our education and training programmes we are developing and supporting the next generation of veterinary and scientific specialists.

From our centre of excellence in Suffolk we have global reach; the things we discover and learn help improve the lives of animals all around the world.

The work we do at the AHT could not be achieved without the help of those who realise that the greatest threats to the welfare of horses, dogs and cats are disease and injury. We rely on the generous support of organisations and individuals – people like you – to continue our vital work.

HRH The Princess Royal
HRH The Princess Royal, President of the Animal Health Trust

1942 The Animal Health Trust is established by Dr Reginald Wooldridge who wanted to advance veterinary medicine

2017 We celebrate 75 years of fighting disease and injury in animals and look forward, with optimism, to the next 75!