Cancer is not just one disease, there are over 200 different types of cancer affecting dogs both young and old. 

We are the only UK charity researching better ways to diagnose and treat cancer in dogs. But we need your support to do this. 

Delphi lost her dog

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  • £100 could help analyse tumour samples for cancer research 
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Delphi and Penny’s story.  Please donate now to help more dogs like Penny.  


Best friends, Delphi and Penny. Penny sadly dies from Lymphoma aged just 6.

My best friend Penny, a beautiful Labradoodle, was diagnosed with lymphoma at the young age of five. She underwent chemotherapy at her vets for about 16 months (she did have a remission period in this time) which gave her a great quality of life.

Penny was an amazing dog and baffled her vet by being full of life and energy, as if she didn’t have the disease, despite the lumps still being very prominent. Penny’s treatments at the referral centre were very expensive and we quickly ran out of her insurance.

After using all our savings I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to afford her treatments, and I had to let her have them as she was still herself, full of life, the chemo was keeping her, her happy self! So I raised money online to put aside for when her insurance and our savings ran out.

I raised £700 which was roughly the cost of one treatment. Unfortunately, I didn’t need to use the money I’d raised because Penny became unresponsive to the treatment and I lost her on the 3 April 2017.

I am still heart broken, as Penny was my best friend. But the money raised needed to go to a good cause in Penny’s honour. I am so pleased to have found the Animal Health Trust as a beneficiary charity for Penny’s fund.The money helps them move forwards in canine cancer research and I continue to raise funds by doing whatever I can – including organising a Christmas Dog Show.

Please donate today to help more dogs like Penny.