DEFRA / BEVA / AHT reports

Volume 15, No 2, April – June 2019

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*Celebrating the 15th year of the DEFRA AHT BEVA Report*

News articles

  • Equine Influenza – summary of outbreaks in United Kingdom during 2019 and a practical approach to prevention
  • Equine Viral Arteritis – an update on the outbreaks reported in the UK during 2019

Focus article

  • African Horse Sickness – the current UK situation

Volume 15, No 1, January – March 2019

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*Celebrating the 15th year of the DEFRA AHT BEVA Report*

News Articles

  • Equine Viral Arteritis outbreak in United Kingdom
  • Equine Influenza summary of outbreaks in United Kingdom and Europe during 2019
  • West African equine influenza epidemic

Focus Article

  • Equine Viral Arteritis: Not just a reproductive disease

Volume 14, No 4, October – December 2018

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*New strangles surveillance section in this report*

News Articles

  • Zoetis Equip Artervac vaccine: Now available after a supply delay
  • Equine Influenza: The emergence of outbreaks during Q4 2018 and January 2019 in UK and Europe

Focus Article

  • Information about the new UK surveillance initiative for strangles

Volume 14, No 3, July – September 2018

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News Articles

  • Brexit: what a no deal could mean for the equine industry
  • HBLB Codes of Practice updates for 2019
  • New Equine Identification Regulations 2018
  • Changes to Licensing of Activities Involving Animals Regulations 2018

Focus Article

  • Surveillance for Salmonella in horses in Great Britain in the last decade and antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella isolates from horses (Part II)

Volume 14, no 2, April-June 2018

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News Articles

  • An update on the Equine Herpes Virus outbreak status in France
  • Information about the best practice worm control following discontinuation of Equitape

Focus Article

  • Antimicrobial Resistance in Horses

Volume 14, no 1, January-March 2018

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News Articles

  • A call for increased Equine Influenza vigilance
  • An update on the availability of Equip Artervac vaccine
  • Amendment to Equine Infectious Anaemia testing for imported horses

Information Article

  • Equine Influenza Classification

Focus Article

  • Salmonella and salmonellosis – an overview

Volume 13, no 4, October-December 2017

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News Article

  • Launch of a new pilot protocol for the control of contagious equine metritis (CEM) in England, Scotland and Wales
  • An update from the International Collating Centre

Focus Article

  • Working together to break the Strangles-hold: the latest thinking on Streptococcus equi


  • Grass sickness surveillance data – summary of 2017



Volume 13, no 3, July-September 2017

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News Article

  • Actions and guidelines on the expected temporary non-availability of Equip Artervac EVA vaccine
  • Update on EIA in Europe

Focus Article

  • Recent experience of control and disease clearance after neurological EHV-1 in the United Kingdom

Volume 13, no 2, April-June 2017

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Focus Article

  • Equine Infectious Anaemia in Europe: An Ongoing Threat to the UK


Volume 13, no 1, January-March 2017

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Focus article

  • Equine Influenza Diagnosis.


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