International Collating Centre reports

The Animal Health Trust obtains and collates equine disease outbreak information from around the world, through its International Collating Centre (ICC). The ICC has been operating for over 30 years and is generously supported by the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association. National and international equine disease outbreaks are reported on an almost daily basis, through e-mail alerts sent to subscribers. A quarterly summary report is also produced four times a year.

Outbreak information is obtained from multiple sources and these mainly include country based infectious disease reporting systems, such as  the USA’s Equine Disease Communication Centre (EDCC) and France’s Réseau D’épidémio-Surveillance En Pathologie Équine (RESPE). Reported outbreaks are predominately made up of at least one case that has had the diagnosis confirmed through laboratory testing. Outbreaks may be reported to the disease reporting sources by the testing diagnostic laboratory or by vets voluntarily reporting outbreaks.

The ICC also has an interactive website, designed in partnership with Jdata (Pty) Ltd, enabling analysis of all international infectious disease outbreaks reported through the ICC. This website was launched in August 2019 and outbreak data for all of 2019 so far is available through this platform and will be maintained going forward. Through the ICC and this new interactive reporting system, infectious disease outbreak information is shared with stakeholders throughout the world. This should ensure people can be aware and up to date and provides a great communication network.

Click on the link below to view the ICC’s interactive reporting platform to gain an insight into international equine infectious disease.

View the ICC’s interactive reporting platform

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