Interim ICC Report – January 19 #11 (18.01.19)


Equine Herpes Virus-4 (EHV-4) Respiratory Infection

On 17 January 2019, AHT confirmed a case of EHV-4 respiratory infection on a premises in Berkshire. The affected horse was an unvaccinated seven-year-old that presented with serous nasal discharge, mild lymphadenopathy and pyrexia.  Positive diagnosis was confirmed by PCR on a nasopharyngeal swab.




An outbreak of suspect salmonellosis has occurred in the USDA Animal Import Center, Miami, Florida.  The Center will be temporarily closed as of 19 January in response to an outbreak of illness in a group of horses in quarantine at the facility.  A total of six horses have been affected to date; the illness is characterized by fever, diarrhea and lameness.  Despite receiving immediate medical care, three animals have died.  The remaining three horses are recovering.  Salmonellosis is suspected and the facility is taking extra precautions to prevent any further spread of the disease.  The USDA is conducting environmental testing at the facility and the samples are being tested at the National Veterinary Testing Laboratory, Ames, Iowa.



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