Interim Report – November 18 #06 (15.11.18)

Equine Herpes Virus-4 (EHV-4) Respiratory Infection
On 15 November 2018, RESPE reported two separate cases of EHV-4 respiratory infection. The first was on a premises in Orne. The affected horse presented with nasal discharge. The second case on a premises in Gironde.Positive diagnoses were confirmed by PCR on a nasopharyngeal swab by LABEO-Frank Duncombe.

On 13 November 2018, The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has confirmed a case of strangles in a three-year-old filly pony from Livingston County. The pony developed a fever and nasal discharge on 1 November 2018. The pony is currently receiving treatment. It is unknown if it was vaccinated against strangles. No quarantines were issued. This case bring the total number of confirmed 2018 strangles cases in Michigan to 19.

West Nile Virus (WNV)
On 14 November 2018, The Kentucky Department of Agriculture confirmed WNV in Logan County. On 7 November 2018, a seven-year-old unvaccinated Percheron gelding presented with hindlimb ataxia and muscle fasciculations. The horse is reported improved with a favorable prognosis. This is the 17th case of WNV in Kentucky in 2018.

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