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Every year over 40,000 people come together to take part in the largest annual fundraising event in the world. Meet the runners taking on the challenge for the AHT on Sunday 28 April 2019! We’ll keep this page updated with donation page links so check back regularly.

Jack & Michael Berry

Why run for the AHT?

We want to help animals get the treatment they need whilst also supporting research in to finding more accessible and successful treatments.

How are you feeling about the big day?

Jack said he is excited about running in a famous event in front of hundreds of thousands of people and just getting to be a part of the action. Michael said he is scared of dehydration and overheating, we need to make sure we keep enough fluids on board!

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Simon Bales

Why run for the AHT?

My family and I have a great love of dogs and horses, so running for an animal charity based so locally was a no-brainer.

Any worries about the race itself?

What scares me is hitting the wall of exhaustion that I hit during my 2016 marathon run. Mile 21 is my danger zone but I’m determined not to let it happen this year!

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Emily Long

Why run for the AHT?

As a veterinary nurse who has worked for the AHT in the past I have seen first-hand how vital the work they do is – from both a treatment and research perspective.

What excites or scares you about the big day?

I’m super excited about the marathon experience itself. I’ve heard the atmosphere is incredible and I can’t wait to be there to soak it all up.

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April Galdes-Bibby

Why run for the AHT?

I am running for my lovely dog Harley, he’s had quite a few health problems over the years including Diabetes and ulcers in his eyes which ultimately meant he had to have them removed. I would love to play a part in helping other animals who are having similar struggles to Harley.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited about the finish line and the excitement of the day with all the support from family, friends and the crowd.

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Claire Beckett

Why run for the AHT?

The AHT did amazing things for my Rhodesian Ridgeback Beba. She suffered from epilepsy and skin problems but the team at AHT  really worked wonders for her. It was a frightening time when Beba was first diagnosed, without the AHT I don’t know what we’d have done.

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