BEVA and AHT celebrate 15 years of disease surveillance

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) joined BEVA at its Congress this year for a big 15th birthday party. We are celebrating the longevity and success of our collaboration with Defra to produce the Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Reports.

We joined BEVA in the members lounge for the duration of Congress, to showcase our work. In addition, BEVA presented the AHT with a certificate of appreciation for all of our hard work to keep the equine veterinary profession fully informed about disease status.

The Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance Reports collate equine disease data arising from multiple diagnostic laboratories and veterinary practices throughout the United Kingdom. This provides an exceptional insight into equine disease occurrence on a national scale. It is produced by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra), the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA), the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) and the Animal Health Trust (AHT) on a quarterly basis and is distributed to an extensive list of national and international recipients as well to all BEVA members.

Equine disease has been especially topical this year, given the magnitude and continuation of the flu outbreaks. BEVA is proud to play an active role in this important surveillance initiative and we are delighted to present the Animal Health Trust with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of their tireless work.

Sarah Smith, Deputy Chair of BEVA’s Health and Medicines Committee and BEVA representative at the quarterly surveillance meetings

Richard Newton, Director of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance at the AHT continued: “We are delighted to receive this award and to join our colleagues in the BEVA members lounge this year to celebrate what we have achieved so far and to introduce the report to new readers. It is an invaluable tool for vets to refer to and provides insights and updates on equine infectious disease for the industry.”

You can view the reports hereDEFRA / BEVA / AHT reports