We’re excited to launch our first ever awareness week to help dogs: Cures4Paws. We’re calling upon pet lovers to support us by ‘raising a paw’ for a cure.

Will you help the AHT by ‘raising a paw’ for Cures4Paws?
To help spread the word and raise funds to improve dog’s lives, we’re asking dog owners all over the country to ‘raise a paw’ and donate £5.

Simply take a photo high-fiving or shaking a paw with your dog and share this on social media using the hashtag #Cures4Paws – donate £5 by texting DOGS24 £5 to 70070. If you get your dog to do a trick, any sort of pet photo or selfie will do, as long as you use the hashtag #Cures4Paws and donate!

Why start Cures4Paws week?

We’ve decided to start Cures4Paws Week, which we hope will be an annual awareness raising campaign, to raise more awareness of the awful diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and blindness which affect dogs. For example:

  • Cancer affects 1 in 4 dogs and is the biggest killer of dogs over the age of 10
  • Like humans, dogs are also affected by devastating epilepsy which can be very difficult to treat
  • Hundreds of dogs have to have their eyes removed each year because of untreatable glaucoma.

These are all problems that our research aims to beat to ensure dogs have healthy, happy futures.

Our vets and scientists work tirelessly – without government funding – to tackle all of these conditions (and many more) affecting man’s best friend. However, as a charity, the AHT simply cannot survive and continue its vital work without the kindness and support of animal owners. 

Kevin Clements, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the AHT, is kicking off Cures4Paws Week with cocker spaniel, Goose, (pictured) and says: “We are a nation of animal lovers, but what many people don’t realise is that there aren’t many places dedicated to improving treatment, diagnostics and ways to actually prevent diseases affecting our beloved pets.

“This is what makes the AHT so unique and so vitally important. In the UK, our pets are more at risk of developing a disease such as cancer than they are of being neglected. Losing a pet is a lot like losing a member of the family. Our dogs love us unconditionally and it is soul destroying to lose your dog to a disease which your vet either couldn’t diagnose early enough or wasn’t able to treat because veterinary medicine doesn’t currently have the answers.

Research is expensive, even with the very best teams you don’t find the answers overnight, and this is why we need more people to know about the AHT and more people to support us, as an investment in their, and every, pet’s future health.”

Over our 75 year history, the AHT has made a huge impact for dogs, including:

  • Pioneering the use of MRI in the diagnosis and management of problems in the brain and nervous system, including epilepsy
  • Developing and launching more than 25 DNA tests to tackle several debilitating diseases in more than 50 breeds of dog
  • Identifying ways of predicting whether a common cancer, affecting all breeds of dog, will spread

With your help, we can give dogs a brighter future. For more info, go to: www.aht.org.uk/cures4paws