Interim ICC Report – April 2019 #06 (08.04.19)

Interim ICC Report – April 2019 #06 (08.04.19) – Interim Report from Various Countries on Atypical Myopathy, Australia on EHV-1 Abortion, France on EHV-1 Infection & Rotavirus, Germany on Equine Influenza and Ireland on Piroplasmosis, Senegal on Equine Influenza & USA on EHV-1 Neurological Disease   Various Countries Atypical Myopathy The number of cases of […]

Interim ICC Report – April 2019 #05 (05.04.19)

Interim ICC Report – April 2019 #05 (05.04.19) – Report from Ireland on Piroplasmosis, UK on Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) & USA on EHV-1 Abortion & Strangles Ireland Piroplasmosis (Babesia caballi) On 5 April 2019, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine reported to the OIE an outbreak of piroplasmosis.  Further details have been […]

Interim ICC Report – February 2019 #15 (25.02.19)

Ireland Piroplasmosis abortion A pregnant Thoroughbred mare imported from France on 29 January 2019, was found to have pyrexia and limb oedema on arrival.  She delivered a premature foal which died within minutes of birth on the 16 February. Post mortem examination of the foal showed lesions of acute septicaemia. Blood samples taken from the […]

Interim ICC Report – January 19 #10 (17.01.19)

Canada Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed a case of EIA on a premises  in the Municipal District of Bonnyville, Alberta on 11 January.   The horse had been tested after it had been purchased from an auction mart.   The horse was clinically normal at time of sampling.  A quarantine has […]