Delightful Daisy springs back after cancer diagnosis!

Animal stories,

Meet the delightful Daisy! Daisy is a 6 year old Springer Spaniel, who came to see us in October last year after her owner felt some large lumps on her side.

Unfortunately it wasn’t good news – Daisy was diagnosed with lymphoma, an aggressive cancer of the blood cells. The cancer centred in her lymph nodes but also involved her internal organs, with cancer cells circulating in her blood. The cancer attacked her bone marrow, depleting her white blood cells and leaving her vulnerable to infection.

Chemotherapy alone was not effective enough to produce an improvement in her white cells and so our specialist oncology team decided to use a bone marrow stimulant treatment, which is used in humans and given by injection over a course of several days. We’re delighted that after an initial period of careful management and monitoring, Daisy has had a fantastic response and her white cells have recovered to normal levels.

While Daisy will continue to visit us for further chemotherapy to keep her cancer at bay, she is now in remission and enjoying life again to the full – back to the happy and active girl that she was before!