Digging deeper into doggy DNA inspires at Chelsea Flower Show

Fundraising news,

In May 2020, the Animal Health Trust will have a garden at the world’s biggest and best flower show – the Chelsea Flower Show, designed by award-winning garden designer Sam Ovens. This has been made possible by Dame Margaret Barbour and the Barbour Foundation who have assisted the AHT in creating their garden.

The Animal Health Trust Garden is inspired by the double helix structure of a DNA molecule, which represents the scientific research. DNA is a chemical that carries genetic information. It contains all the instructions that a living organism needs to grow, reproduce and function. Sometimes there is a fault in a section of the genetic information that leads to diseases; researching DNA is central to the work of Animal Health Trust.

The Sam Ovens’s designed garden features a double helix structure which appears as a ribbon-like structure hidden behind a veil of trees that goes on to form all the main elements of the garden including a boardwalk, arch, pavilion and bench. The garden is a green space, full of texture and movement. An understated palette of flowering plants made up predominantly of grasses provides a calming space.

Sam Ovens

Thousands of dogs in the UK every year are seriously affected by diseases such as cancer, epilepsy or blindness.  The Animal Health Trust believes the only way to change this is through research.  It is the only UK charity with a dedicated genetics research programme tackling these life-changing and life-threatening conditions.  The garden will help highlight the charity’s important work helping our much-loved pets live happier and healthier lives.

Kevin Clements, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the Animal Health Trust commented: “We are delighted that the Animal Health Trust Garden will feature at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2020 and want to express our thanks to Dame Margaret Barbour and the Barbour Foundation for their generous support to fund the garden.

“To be able to exhibit at RHS Chelsea provides an invaluable opportunity for us to engage with both new and existing supporters, as well as talk about our vital work to a new audience in a way which is completely different to anything we have done before.

We hope the garden will be thought-provoking and encourage people to think about and support the Animal Health Trust charity and the work we do to prevent disease and injury in animals.

Kevin Clements
Kevin Clements, Director of Fundraising and Marketing