A lucky AHT supporter, Mr Angus, is celebrating after winning £1,000 in our charity lottery!

Mr Angus from Mid Lothian has made regular donations to the AHT for more than 12 years and signed up to play in the AHT Charity Lottery about six months ago.

Mr Angus said: “I’ve always loved animals and owned dogs. I was surprised and delighted to hear that I was the lucky winner of £1,000, and it will definitely come in handy at this time of year! The lottery is a great way to support the wonderful work the AHT does for dogs, cats and horses.”

Mr Angus was our first £1,000 winner on the lottery!

Kevin Clements, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at the AHT, added: “This lottery is a really exciting opportunity and not only stands to raise important funds for the Animal Health Trust but also to give participants the chance to have some fun and win too. It is great to hear of this win for Mr Angus – I hope he enjoys spending his winnings!”.


You can sign up to play in our lottery here.