Perfect patient Josh back to his old ways after winning battle against cancer

Animal stories,

This is Josh – a courageous Cocker Spaniel who has become a firm favourite with our Small Animal Referral Clinic team after being such a perfect patient!

10 year old Josh was first referred to our specialist oncology team for treatment of an aggressive mast cell tumour inside his mouth. Unfortunately, Josh’s oral tumour was very severe and had spread inside his head, resulting in the removal of his right eye. We successfully treated this tumour using a course of radiation therapy, but later in the process we found out Josh had further tumours in his lymph nodes. Without delay, Josh was transferred to our soft tissue team who removed his lymph nodes and altered his treatment so he could continue his long journey to recovery.

Do you think any of this has stopped Josh? No way! He is now in total remission after eight months of treatment and is back to his old self – running on the beach every weekend!

Throughout all his different treatments and procedures, Josh never once nipped, wiggled or scratched the staff caring for him, so he truly has become a much loved patient and we’re so glad to see him back enjoying life.