Solo’s legacy could help future cancer patients

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Mr Roper had his dog Solo referred to the Animal Health Trust for treatment of an oral melanoma last year. Unfortunately, Solo’s cancer was terminal and sadly, even with radiotherapy, he didn’t pull through. But the legacy Solo has left has the potential to help dogs in the future that suffer from cancer.

“Solo was a dog with a real sense of humour who knew how to play to the gallery to make people laugh,” explained Mr Roper. “He would jump up and run along a line of chairs during heel work training (at heel, just higher) or retrieve watering cans that were often full and bring them indoors! On his first oncology appointment in August, he carried a full bowl of water to Vicky and whilst an inpatient he would always retrieve anything put down on the floor! Solo retained his sense of humour and outgoing nature to the end – a testimony to his robust character and the superb care he received at the AHT.”

It is a great comfort to know that lessons learnt from the treatment of this aggressive melanoma, the samples and pedigree history of Solo and others from that line, will bring hope to future canine melanoma patients.

Mr Roper

Tumour samples are vital to our research into canine cancer, but accessing these can be difficult. If your vet suspects your dog might have cancer and you would like to help our research, please contact our oncology research team before your dog starts treatment. We appreciate this can be a difficult time, but your assistance could make a significant difference to the lives of thousands of dogs with cancer.

To find out more about the cancers we are currently investigating and how you can make a difference to the lives of thousands of dogs, please click here.

Mr Roper gifted us a recycled milk bottle picnic bench, which the Radiation team adorned with a plaque in memory of the wonderful Solo.