AHT celebrates with dedicated online fundraising group, Zoe’s Journey UK, who collectively over three and a half years have raised a staggering £135,000 to help research cancer in dogs.

During the visit to the AHT on Tuesday 19 June Zoe’s Journey UK  founder, Jayne May, announced the group has a new fundraising target: to reach £150,000 by December 2019. We have every confidence that this dedicated fundraising group (who have all met through Facebook) will hit their new target in record time.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone from Zoe’s Journey UK (ZJUK) who has made this incredible fundraising possible and to all who attended our event in June to celebrate this group’s achievement and to learn more about the AHT’s cancer research to help dogs, led by Dr Mike Starkey. The cherry tree and ZJUK bench unveiled on the day will be wonderful reminders of the support ZJUK have given to the AHT over the last three years, and for many more years to come.

Together, we can fight cancer in dogs. To find out more about our canine cancer research and the types of cancer samples we need to help progress our research, please click here.

Zoe's Journey UK members celebrate their achievements for cancer research in dogs after a commemorative cherry tree and bench were unveiled