Blanka Bartova

Sponsored Head Shave

Blanka's beloved Rosie

A few years ago, Blanka’s doggy best friend was affected by cancer. “As many pet owners know, this can be devastating – as it was for me and my family,” she explained. “This is what has given me the initial inner drive and desire to help the Animal Health Trust who work towards researching cancers and other diseases in dogs, cats, and horses with the goal of preventing them. Science and technology have come a long way but charities like the Animal Health Trust need our support in order to carry on what they are doing because it is our donations that keep them moving forward.”

We are a significant part of their journey and together, we can help to contribute towards saving another beloved animal’s life.

Blanka has decided to part with something that she loves, to help drum up support and awareness for our work: “Shaving my hair off is to signify new beginnings, which is something that we can help give to animals that are at risk of cancer or who are already suffering with it.”

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