Carolyne Tranquille

Senior Research Assistant, Equine Orthopeadics

Carolyne is currently interested in investigating if the use of equine water treadmills help or hinder lameness and has previously evaluated the effects of arena surfaces and training intensity on the orthopaedic health of riding horses, working with a team at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Uppsala. Carolyne has also concentrated previous research on the MRI appearance and the effect of exercise on the osteochondral unit of the distal tarsal joints and MR features associated with third metacarpal bone lateral condylar fractures in racehorses.

Research Areas

1. Investigations into sport horse injury:

Relationship with specific sports, risk factors, prevention of sport-associated injury and management strategies for sport-associated injury.

2. Investigations into optimising performance in sport horses.

3. Investigations into the mechanical properties of arena surfaces.

4. Application of advanced diagnostic imaging to improve understanding of orthopaedic injury diagnosis and pathogenesis.



Carolyne Tranquille attended the International School of Geneva before coming to the UK in 2001 to do an Equine Science degree at Warwickshire College. During her degree, she spent a year as a research student at the Animal Health Trust where she was involved in investigation of the association between types of equestrian sport and anatomical site of injury.

After completing her degree, she took up a position as a research assistant at the Animal Health Trust in 2005, where she is integrally involved in the ongoing research programme. She has skills in image analysis, MRI image acquisition and interpretation, radiography, histology, histomorphometry and statistical analysis, among other things.