Dr Danica Pollard

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

Dee conducted her PhD at the AHT and has returned as a postdoc to continue with laminitis research.

Dee’s PhD involved a web-based study which aimed to help horse owners reduce the impact of equine laminitis. Working in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College and funded by World Horse Welfare, the project took a closer look at management factors which may contribute to the development or recurrence of laminitis with a particular focus on risk factors previously identified in Dr Claire Wylie’s PhD – including factors such as rapid weight gain, new access to grass, increased time since anthelminthic treatment, feeding of supplements and transport.

Dee has a keen interest in equine health and welfare and she has previously conducted research on the transmission of dwarfism in the Friesian horse as well as looking at how inherited disorders are managed in the breeding of European sports horses.


BSc, BSc Honours, MSc, PhD


Dee completed a BSc degree at Rhodes University, South Africa, where she majored in Botany and Microbiology and also completed a one-year Honours degree in Microbiology. She then applied and was accepted for the Erasmus Mundus European Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics Scholarship and graduated from both Wageningen University, The Netherlands and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden with an MSc. Dee also worked at Wageningen University for a year as a junior scientist following her MSc.