Dr Debbie Guest

Head of Stem Cell Research

Debbie’s research aims to utilise stem cells in veterinary medicine both for therapeutic applications and as a tool to study inherited diseases.


BSc, PhD

Research Areas

The main focus of her research to date has been on the optimisation of the use of stem cells to improve tendon repair in horses. She is also conducting research to derive stem cells from horses and dogs with inherited diseases. These stem cells will be used to provide in vitro models to study the diseases and aid the future development of new drugs for their treatment.


Debbie completed a BSc in Genetics at the University of Leeds in 2002, followed by a PhD on the transcriptional control of neuronal differentiation in stem cells in 2005. She joined the Equine Fertility Unit in Newmarket as a post-doctoral scientist to derive and characterise equine stem cells. This work continued when Debbie moved to the Animal Health Trust in 2007, where she also began to investigate the therapeutic potential of the stem cells for treating horse tendon injuries.