Dr Neil Bryant

EHV-1 Team Leader, Virology

Neil’s team are developing more efficacious EHV-1 vaccines to protect against the serious consequences of infection, namely abortion, neonatal foal death and neurological disease

Neil’s current interests include virus evolution, herpes virus pathogenicity, viral immune evasion mechanisms, vaccine development and establishing in vitro methods for replacement of experimental work in animals.


BSc, PhD


Neil gained his PhD from the Division of Virology at the University of Cambridge working on immune evasion mechanisms of large DNA viruses. He then moved to the Department of Biochemistry working with insect and mammalian protein expression systems. He then joined the Animal Health Trust as a Postdoctoral Research Associate working on the HBLB sponsored Equine influenza surveillance programme. He is now team leader on the Animal Health Trust EHV-1 research programme.