Luke Brine

800km Ultimate Challenge

Luke Brine

Meet Luke, who has taken on a mammoth challenge to raise money for our research into cancer in dogs, in memory of Alfie.

Always full of energy and enthusiasm, German Shepherd Alfie was a much-loved pet and best friend. At just eight years old, Alfie suddenly deteriorated overnight and within just a few hours his vets found tumours in his spleen. These were operated on and removed and within 24 hours Alfie was back to his normal self – happy and mischievous as ever.

Luke and his family had an amazing 5 weeks with him, as if nothing was ever wrong! Sadly days later, the family woke to find Alfie very uncomfortable and rushed him back to the vets, who diagnosed internal bleeding probably caused by more tumours. Advised it was too late to operate again, Luke and his family said goodbye to their beloved Alfie.

“We were very lucky to give Alfie another few weeks of being back to his happy self,” said Luke.

Driven by a determination to help pets live longer, healthier lives, Luke set himself two epic challenges back-to-back:
1. Cycle a vintage Peugeot bicycle from Somerset to Perth, Scotland
2. Complete a 50km Ultra Spartan Race UK that includes 60 obstacles

With these donations I’m hoping to raise enough money to give more animals the longer, healthy lives they deserve.

We’re so pleased to say that Luke didn’t simply complete the challenges… he totally smashed them both! It took Luke just 6 days to complete the epic cycle journey and he finished the Spartan race in a very competitive 9 hours 17 minutes – coming second in his group.

In total Luke’s marathon challenge saw him cover over 800km and we’re so incredibly proud he chose to support our research into cancer in dogs. So far he’s raised over £2,000!