Sport horse injury

At the AHT we specialise in equine orthopaedic injury.

 We previously hypothesised that horses undertaking a single competitive sport would have an increased risk of specific injuries and that the injury type would vary with the category of sport and the level of performance. To test this hypothesis we reviewed the records from all horses referred to the AHT for orthopaedic evaluation over a 5 year period. The results showed that horses used for general purposes injuries occurred most frequently in the suspensory ligament, navicular bone and ligaments, and tarsus. Injuries to elite show jumping horses, however, occurred most frequently in the suspensory ligament, followed by the distal deep digital flexor tendon and non-elite showjumping horses more frequently injured the navicular bone/ligaments. Dressage horses, both elite and non-elite, most frequently injured the suspensory ligaments of the hindlimb.

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