Orthopaedics / Poor Performance

We offer a fully comprehensive referral service for the diagnosis and treatment of lameness, poor performance and other problems of the musculoskeletal and associated neurological systems.

We are specialists in equine orthopaedics, sports medicine and diagnostic imaging, and have considerable experience, training and understanding in relation to competitive equestrian sports.

Our senior clinicians all hold an American, European or British Diploma, which requires at least five years of specialist training, and have international recognition for their expertise in this area.

Our clinicians

Fran Henson

Fran Henson

Head of Orthopaedics (Clinical and Research), Centre for Equine Studies

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Dr Annamaria Nagy

Dr Annamaria Nagy

Senior Orthopaedic Clinician, Equine

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Referring a Patient

We aim to provide a friendly, personable service that supports your clinical evaluation, and to communicate with you as rapidly as possible. If you have any queries about a potential equine referral or wish to discuss a horse that you have referred, do not hesitate to contact us.

The reception for referral booking is open Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. After you have contacted us about a referral, we are happy to contact the client directly to organise appointment times and details.

If you have any queries, you are welcome to contact the Equine Centre during office hours for an update. After discussion with you, a final report will be sent to you and copied to the owner. In the case of direct referrals for imaging, the diagnostic imaging findings will be discussed with you as soon as possible and a written report with accompanying images will be provided.

We can provide copies of any scintigraphic or MR images in a format suitable for you to use. We welcome feedback on progress of cases.

Direct Referral Service for Imaging only

A direct referral service for imaging only is available, including electronic referrals; please talk to us about your requirements.