Diagnostic Imaging

Our Diagnostic Imaging Unit comprises experts in radiography, ultrasonography, MRI, and CT who provide around-the-clock support to all of our primary disciplines.

What we offer:

  • Radiography – We have an Agfa digital radiography system with four Visbion digital viewing stations, enabling our clinicians to download and send digital images to referring vets with their reports. We are also able to view digital images sent to us for interpretation through this system.
  • Ultrasonography – We have equipment that allows us to perform spectral, colourflow, power Doppler, and contrast ultrasonography as well as conventional 2D B-mode. Ocular ultrasonography is a speciality of the unit.
  • MRI – We have a high-field 1.5T system on site, providing high resolution images and allowing us to identify many conditions which cannot be diagnosed using other techniques. All of our MRI scans are performed and interpreted by a veterinary imaging specialist with results available immediately, including out-of-hours.
  • CT – In spring 2013 we installed a new 16 slice spiral CT scanner to complement the MRI facility. Not only does this permit scanning of areas not suitable for MRI, such as the thorax and abdomen, but it also allows computer-aided radiotherapy planning.

Meet our Head of Diagnostic Imaging

Ruth Dennis

Ruth Dennis

Head of Diagnostic Imaging, Small Animal

Ruth Dennis joined the AHT in 1992 to set up our diagnostic imaging unit and helped to pioneer the use of MRI in veterinary medicine. Ruth has led our Diagnostic Imaging team for more than 26 years.

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Ruth leads our Diagnostic Imaging team, which includes:

Alessandra Destri DVM MRCVS

Robert Brash MA VetMB MRCVS

Simona Morabito DVM MRCVS