Statement on donations – March 2020

Thank you for considering making a donation to the Animal Health Trust.

Before you make any donation, you need to be aware that following a period of dire financial constraints, our charity is facing imminent closure.

You can read our official statement on this by clicking here.

At this point the Animal Health Trust needs considerable sums, and additional longer-term funding, if it is to continue.

We feel it would be disingenuous if we took donations from you now and the funds raised are still insufficient to save the charity, and it subsequently closes. In this scenario, you need to be aware that we will be unable to return any donations made which feels wrong to all of us here.

We are currently exploring other options.

Thank you for considering donating at this terrible time for our charity, it really does keep us going knowing people out there are willing to offer help at this really difficult time.

The situation may change and if it does we will provide an update here.

Thank you.