Meet our fundraisers

Every year we are blown away by the individuals who give up their time to support the Animal Health Trust and our vital research. Find out how you can support the AHT.

We couldn’t help animals without the support of animal lovers. 

We’re incredibly lucky – and thankful – to have such a great team of fundraisers behind us. Every year so many people give up their time to support the Animal Health Trust and our vital research. Read on to meet some of our fundraisers. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own fundraising event, you’re sure to find it here!

Michael signs up for Ironman and Ultra Marathon in memory of Trevor

Sponsor Michael and support our cancer research in dogs!

I’m raising money for the AHT cancer research programme in order to try, just a bit, to prevent others from going through what I have gone through with Trevor’s passing.

Michael Oakes has signed up to two incredible challenges in order to raise money for our cancer research in dogs, in memory of his beloved dog Trevor.

“I recently lost my best friend,” said Michael. “He died with his head on my lap but still with a wag in tail. Trevor saved my life a few years ago when he fought off the ‘black dog’ and was the epitome of what love is. All he wanted was to love people and be loved by people. The hole he left in our lives is huge but I want to raise a small amount of money in his memory for the Animal Health Trust, which has a dedicated programme in canine cancer research.”

In March 2020, Michael will compete in Ironman New Zealand (made up of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and then a 26.2 mile run) with ‘Trevor’ on his race number, and then in August 2020, Michael will take on the North Downs Way 100, which is a 103 mile Ultra Marathon where Michael broke his arm in 2019!

Andrea’s year-long challenge to fundraise for cancer research

Help our canine cancer research by sponsoring Andrea!

I’m trying to raise as much as possible for this charity. It may not help our situation at the moment, but if it helps anyone else in the future then it will be worth it.

Andrea Lewis has set herself an impressive challenge of running as many 5km and 10km races in 12 months as possible!

From November 2019 to November 2020, Andrea will be taking on as many official races and park runs as possible, to raise money to go towards our research in cancer in dogs, in honour of her dog Kia.

“A couple of my friends lost their dogs to cancer a few years ago, so I decided to raise money for AHT in their memory,” said Andrea. “Sadly, our girl Kia has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. This has driven me to raise more funds for this great cause and to push myself to raise as much as I can in her honour.”

Abbie organises sponsored dog walk in memory of Bella

Sponsor Abbie to help us continue our cancer research in dogs!

If there was more advanced health care for animals I might not have lost my baby girl and I want to prevent this happening to other people if I can.

Abbie Martin has raised over £500 for our cancer research, in memory of her dog Bella.

Tragically Abbie’s beautiful blue Staffie Bella passed away at just four years old, after being diagnosed with cancer. “Bella was my best friend and gave me the best four years of my life,” said Abbie, who organised a sponsored dog walk at Watergate Forest Park.

“I wanted to do something positive in a time of sadness and I came across the AHT. I’m passionate about raising money to help cure illnesses in animals – they are the most loving creatures and deserve the best help and care they can have. If there was more advanced health care for animals I might not have lost my baby girl and I want to prevent this happening to other people if I can.”

Josh takes on half marathon to aid cancer research

Sponsor Josh to help our research into cancer in dogs!

I like to think that one day, we will be able to prevent this from happening.

Josh Somers has completed  the Simply Health Great Birmingham Run Half Marathon in a very impressive time of 1 hour, 57 minutes and 34 seconds, and raised over £950 for the AHT’s cancer research in dogs, having been inspired by his dog Murphy.

Murphy was just 5 years old when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a highly malignant bone tumour with an average survival time of between 1 and 12 months.

Following amputation of his leg, Murphy underwent a course of chemotherapy at the AHT lasting several months. “Their knowledge and caring approach was amazing, and with their help, Murphy is still here bouncing today (12 years old, and 7 years post diagnosis)”, explained Josh.

“Not only am I supporting the Animal Health Trust for what they did for me, I’m also supporting them for the research they do into disease and genetic causes of ill-health in all animals. As a Veterinary Nurse, I am working with these conditions every day and seeing the devastating effects these illnesses have on animals and their families – I like to think that one day, we will be able to prevent this from happening.”

Kim completes 10km challenge for hydro!

Sponsor Kim’s fundraiser for our hydrotherapy department!

Hydrotherapy has given Frank a new lease of life.

A dog is part of the family and if the worst happens, this team does everything to get your dog back on their feet.

Kim has raised a fantastic £852.89 for our hydrotherapy department by running the Kings Forest 10km! Kim took on this challenge to ‘give something back’ to the department that has helped her dog Frank so much.

Almost two years ago, Kim’s Border Collie Frank suffered a ruptured disc in his spine, leaving him paralysed in his back legs. He has since been coming to the Animal Health Trust for hydrotherapy, which has given him a new lease of life. Although he will not walk again, the hydrotherapy has given him more confidence and strengthened his core muscles to allow him to use his doggy wheelchair.

“Looking after a disabled dog is a challenge but the hydro team at the Animal Health Trust understand this and help to advise and ease my worries,” Kim explained. “They provide Frank with welcome relief for his front paws and, above all, he has an amazing time. The treatment has played a major role in helping me keep a happy dog. I can’t thank the team enough and want to give something back to the department that provides Frank with such joy and so they can continue with their research and treatment using hydrotherapy. A dog is part of the family and if the worst happens, this team does everything to get your dog back on their feet.”

Luke battles through blood, sweat and bicycle repairs for canine cancer research

Support Luke’s fundraising for cancer research in dogs!

Alfie died after a short battle with cancer aged just eight.

With these donations I’m hoping to raise enough money to give more animals the longer, healthy lives they deserve.

Meet Luke, who has taken on a mammoth challenge to raise money for our research into cancer in dogs, in memory of Alfie.

Always full of energy and enthusiasm, German Shepherd Alfie was a much-loved pet and best friend. At just eight years old, Alfie suddenly deteriorated overnight and within just a few hours his vets found tumours in his spleen. These were operated on and removed and within 24 hours Alfie was back to his normal self – happy and mischievous as ever.

Luke and his family had an amazing 5 weeks with him, as if nothing was ever wrong! Sadly days later, the family woke to find Alfie very uncomfortable and rushed him back to the vets, who diagnosed internal bleeding probably caused by more tumours. Advised it was too late to operate again, Luke and his family said goodbye to their beloved Alfie.

“We were very lucky to give Alfie another few weeks of being back to his happy self,” said Luke.

Driven by a determination to help pets live longer, healthier lives, Luke set himself two epic challenges back-to-back:
1. Cycle a vintage Peugeot bicycle from Somerset to Perth, Scotland
2. Complete a 50km Ultra Spartan Race UK that includes 60 obstacles

We’re so pleased to say that Luke didn’t simply complete the challenges… he totally smashed them both! It took Luke just 6 days to complete the epic cycle journey and he finished the Spartan race in a very competitive 9 hours 17 minutes – coming second in his group.

In total Luke’s marathon challenge saw him cover over 800km and we’re so incredibly proud he chose to support our research into cancer in dogs. So far he’s raised over £2,000!

Anne conquers Thames Path 100km Ultra Challenge!

Sponsor Anne and help fight against cancer in dogs!

Anne's dog Jasper has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

It is something positive I can do and helps me focus on things other than chemo appointments.

This is Jasper, a 6-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

After researching the disease, his owner Anne was shocked to learn how common cancer is in dogs and found out that we are the only UK charity with a dedicated research programme focused on beating canine cancer.

Wanting to help make a difference to dogs like her own Jasper, Anne signed up for the Thames Path 100km Challenge to raise money to go towards our research.

“I have decided to fundraise for this cause to help the many dogs out there facing all sorts of cancer,” Anne explained. “I do a number of ultra-marathons each year but decided that Thames Path would be a great opportunity to raise some sponsorship. It is something positive I can do and helps me focus on things other than chemo appointments.”

We’re so pleased to reveal that Anne not only completed this walk in just under 25 hours, but also raised over £1700 – an incredible achievement and phenomenal total! Although the walk was gruelling, Anne pushed through and was delighted to meet Jasper and Qwin at the end, both sporting their AHT jackets.

Once again, and on behalf of all dogs affected by cancer, a massive well done and thank you Anne!

Dog shows, dog walks, cycle rides, marathons, auctions, cake sales, sponsored stay sober campaigns, go ape adventures… no two fundraising activities are ever the same.

Zoe’s Journey UK

Committed to beating cancer in dogs, Zoe's Journey UK is an incredible group of people who have been supporting the AHT for years

Started by Jayne May from Bristol, Zoe’s Journey UK is a Facebook group which has brought dog lovers affected by cancer together. This group have been raising money for the AHT’s cancer research in dogs since 2015 and are heading towards £150,000 raised in total. Zoe was a Golden Retriever owned by Jayne who beat lymphoma and lived to be a very old age. Zoe has been an inspiration for many people and still inspires this incredible fundraising campaign to reach new goals.

Robert Beevers, our youngest-ever fundraiser!

Robert (with the help of his mum, Sarah) organised a sponsored dog walk and raised £1,000 for the AHT!

Robert’s family have Flat-Coated Retrievers and Robert first found out about the AHT at Crufts when we was showing his dog Brownie. Instantly inspired by our research, Robert began fundraising for the AHT. To say thank you – and to continue inspiring a young vet or scientist – we were very pleased to show Robert behind the scenes as a thank you!