Meet our fundraisers

Every year we are blown away by the individuals who give up their time to support the Animal Health Trust and our vital research. Find out how you can support the AHT.

We couldn’t help animals without the support of animal lovers. 

We’re incredibly lucky – and thankful – to have such a great team of fundraisers behind us. Every year so many people give up their time to support the Animal Health Trust and our vital research. Read on to meet some of our fundraisers. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own fundraising event, you’re sure to find it here!

Vic and Clare reached new heights for the AHT

This plucky pair made it through the GoApe course together and raised well over £2,000 (including Gift Aid) for the AHT. A fantastic achievement - well done Vic and Clare!

These amazing ladies conquered their fears of heights for the AHT! Vic and Clare have sadly both lost Italian Spinone dogs to epilepsy and cancer and decided to join forces to raise vital funds to help our research into these conditions.

It was worth every horrid second to support epilepsy and cancer research!

Frances Emerton – in memory of Treacle, I am giving up alcohol in 2018

Treacle was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in mid December 2017 and died a few days later on Christmas Eve.

We were all devastated. It happened so fast, and there were no tell-tale signs at all, he was his usual self until just a few days before he departed.

I lost my best friend, and my first ever pet. So I intend to give up alcohol for a year to do both Treacle justice as well as myself. I began looking in to UK based charities that fund research in to Feline Carcinomas and the AHT popped up. I’d never heard of them before, but I was blown away by their commitment, and decided to fundraise for them.

It was only when I contacted them on their Facebook page to let them know I’d started fundraising, that I really began talking to the team. Everyone was so incredibly warm and genuine, and they all commented on how lovely my Mr. Treacle is. I’ve loved sharing stories about him with the team, and I am going to do all I can to raise money for something that will really make a difference to cats like Treacle.

Dog shows, dog walks, cycle rides, marathons, auctions, cake sales, sponsored stay sober campaigns, go ape adventures…no two fundraising activities are ever the same.

Zoe’s Journey UK

Committed to beating cancer in dogs, Zoe's Journey UK is an incredible group of people who have been supporting the AHT for years

Started by Jayne May from Bristol, Zoe’s Journey UK is a Facebook group which has brought dog lovers affected by cancer together. This group have been raising money for the AHT’s cancer research in dogs since 2015 and are heading towards £150,000 raised in total. Zoe was a Golden Retriever owned by Jayne who beat lymphoma and lived to be a very old age. Zoe has been an inspiration for many people and still inspires this incredible fundraising campaign to reach new goals.

Robert Beevers, our youngest-ever fundraiser!

Robert (with the help of his mum, Sarah) organised a sponsored dog walk and raised £1,000 for the AHT!

Robert’s family have Flat-Coated Retrievers and Robert first found out about the AHT at Crufts when we was showing his dog Brownie. Instantly inspired by our research, Robert began fundraising for the AHT. To say thank you – and to continue inspiring a young vet or scientist – we were very pleased to show Robert behind the scenes as a thank you!

11 triathlons in seven months – Daisy Ledger

Daisy completed a staggering 11 triathlons in less than a year for the AHT to help fight cancer in dogs

Daisy lost her family pet, a Labrador called Moose, to cancer. Fueled by the lack of treatment options and limited research into cancer in dogs, Daisy set herself the challenge to complete 11 triathlons in one year: one for every year of Moose’s life.

Daisy completed the 11 triathlons in seven months, and even completed two triathlons in one weekend to meet the challenge. Daisy raised close to £3,000 for our cancer research in dogs and we are hugely grateful for her tremendous efforts!