Our research is pioneering and makes a difference, but it needs your support.

Disease and injury are the biggest threats to our pets, and here at the Animal Health Trust, we’re constantly striving to find ways to change this. We receive no government funding, so we depend on the support of people like you who understand the value animals bring to our lives. We are striving for a world in which no dog, cat or horse suffers from disease and injury and you are an important part of this.

Research is the solution to this, and regular donations enable us to commit to long-term programmes. This results in better diagnostic tests and prevention methods for animals. We recognise people who make generous donations to support our work in the following ways:

Giving a regular gift helps us to help them get the best start in life

Become a Friend of the AHT

By donating as little as £3 a month, you can make a huge difference to our work.

Knowing that your donation will come every month, or year, helps us to plan our vital research programmes which, in turn, benefit thousands more animals.

Find out more about becoming a Friend of the AHT

Become a Guardian of the Animal Health Trust

Regardless of whether you want to support cancer research in dogs, stop infectious disease spread in horses or support any of our ongoing research programmes, becoming an AHT Guardian enables you to do this.

AHT Guardians commit to donating or fundraising £500 or more each year. In return, we offer you personalised behind-the-scenes tours, invitations to special and exclusive events and the opportunity to meet key staff from our world leading veterinary and scientific teams.

Your support will make a huge difference to our work and you will be vital in helping to combat disease and injury in dogs, cats and horses.

Please get in touch with Viv Thomas to discuss our Guardian scheme or for more information, vivien.thomas@aht.org.uk or call  01638 751000 etc. 1546

The AHT's Fellowship Scheme

Enjoy an exclusive calendar of special events whilst supporting our vital research

Become a Fellow of the Animal Health Trust

For over 70 years the Fellowship scheme has welcomed individuals, organisations and companies who support our pioneering and unparalleled work. This exclusive club exists to bring together a community of like-minded individuals at our high profile events, whilst supporting the charity to combat disease and injury in dogs, cats and horses.

Our President, HRH The Princess Royal, Trustees and the team at the AHT encourage you to join this highly rewarding club and become part of this ground-breaking charity.

We welcome the opportunity for you to visit the AHT to see first-hand the staggering achievements being made and understand how your involvement will benefit both parties. Please get in touch with Viv Thomas for more information or to arrange a visit, vivien.thomas@aht.org.uk, or call 01638 751000 etc. 1546

Support in the United States of America

The AHT collaborates with US-based organisations and conducts work of global importance. Join us in raising funds to help tackle complex diseases, such as cancer and infectious diseases like equine Strangles, which cause great suffering to animals in the US, as well as around the world.

Kelly Harris, President of AHT US
AHT US delegates visited the AHT in Newmarket as part of a programme of events which included a Gala Dinner at Spencer House with HRH The Princess Royal.

We are incredibly privileged to have a registered not-for-profit in the US which provides a tax effective vehicle for US citizens to donate and support the AHT in the UK. Our research work is of global importance. We are tackling diseases, such as cancer, epilepsy and Strangles, which have no geographical boundaries. These diseases are common across the world, so animals in the US benefit from, and are in as much need of, our help as those in the UK.

The AHT is 501c(3) certified and have an active US fundraising and events branch. Our relationship with AHT US enables us to offer supporters in the US exclusive access to networking and social events, often hosed by our President, HRH The Princess Royal, at a number of Royal Palaces or stately homes.

UK contact: AHT Fundraising Department, 01638 555648, fundraising@aht.org.uk

USA contact: Kelly Harris, 917-334-6068, kelly.harris@ahtus.org